Everybody Belongs, Serving Together
Everybody Belongs, Serving Together
Everybody Belongs, Serving Together
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Everybody Belongs, Serving Together


    This comprehensive guide to church accessibility and inclusive ministry will help your church embrace people with disabilities, not only as recipients of God’s love, but as partners in ministry. Previously known as the Inclusion Handbook, Everybody Belongs, Serving Together is an expanded edition features a plethora of new insights, resources, and tips for inclusive ministry.

    You will learn what you can do to improve your church’s accessibility, reflect on the biblical foundations of inclusive ministry (beginning with the life and work of Jesus himself), and hear directly from people with disabilities about what an inclusive church means to them.

    This resource is also available online, as an ebook, and as an audiobook

    Edited by: Terry A. DeYoung, Keith Dow, Becky Jones, Erika Fleming, Mark Stephenson, Christina Tazelaar, and Dan Vander Plaats. 

    Contributors: Stephen J. Bedard, Carlyle and Kristen King, JungSeong (Samuel) Kim, Amy Julia Becker, Dan Vander Plaats, Allison Waters, Bethany McKinney Fox, Miriam Spies, David Finnegan-Hosey, Michèle Gyselinck, John Swinton, Rev. Lamar Hardwick,

    Pages: 100 

    Size: 5.5" x 8.5"