Purposeful Living: She Is Called Edition
Purposeful Living: She Is Called Edition
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Purposeful Living: She Is Called Edition


    This ten-part process is designed to help women embrace the term “leadership” and understand the calling that God has on their lives. Individual leadership lessons and stories of women from the Bible are used to inspire and guide personal reflection. This resource was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English.

    1. Why was I born, and for what purpose?
    2. What is holding me back?  
    3. What has God created and shaped you for?
    4. Who have you become?
    5. What is God preparing you to be and to do?
    6. Priorities: Where do you focus your energy?
    7. Understanding my personal calling as a follower of Jesus Christ
    8. The road to transformation
    9. Commitment to intentional living
    10. Who will help you stay faithful to God’s calling on your life?

    Authors: Karla Camacho and Sonia Asbei Loera Castro

    Pages: 48

    Size: 8.5" x 11"